Games Ideas for Kids Groups (Including Bring Me, Pirate's Treasure, Balloon Burst)

What's The Time Mr Wolf?
One person leads the game, and india binary options stands at one end of the room as the wolf, with his / her back turned against the others. The other players stand at the other end of the floor and call out "What's the time Mr Wolf"? the wolf then calls the time eg One o 'Clock, and the other players take one large step towards the wolf. Again they call out and take as many steps as the wolf calls. However, when the wolf calls "Dinner Time", he turns and chases the other players who have to make their way back to the end of the floor without being caught. Whoever is done becomes the wolf and the game starts again.

Pirate's Treasure
Children are arranged into teams of five. Team binary option legal in india members sit one behind the other on a row of chairs, facing the games leader. (eg 35 chairs arranged 5 deep and 7 rows across). The teams are numbered and one kid from each team is selected to be spokesperson. The leader starts, " Did row number (x) steal the pirate's treasure?" That whole row stands up and says together " No sir, not us sir …" and the spokesman finishes off by saying " Try row (x) ." That row then stands up and repeats, and so the game continues until a row gets it wrong by not standing up quickly enough or saying the wrong thing etc … (The more pedantic you make the rules the better). Any row which gets it wrong goes to the end row, while the other rows move up to fill the space, changing their number. The winning row is the one which is number 1 at the end of the game.

Mrs McGinty's Shopping bag
The children are placed option trading india into a minimum of two teams but can be more dependent on numbers. A leader should start with the first member of each team giving them all something you'd get from a shop ie bread, milk, washing up liquid etc once everyone has been given an item then the leader goes to the other end of the hall and sits on a chair. The leader tells a story using the items they've just mentioned, whenever their item is stated they have to run up to the leader and tig them run back to their seat before the other teams get back. The story can be as long or as short as required but everyone should get a turn. Usually ending with everyone running up at once.

Bring me
Split the children into teams then number them 1 to 10 etc. A leader then stands at the end of the hall and shouts "number 1, bringing me a white sock" so then all the number ones have to bring the leader a white sock. The item being bought can be anything within the hall or an easily accessible area ie toilets, stage area and sometimes the kitchen.

Dwarves, Knights and Giants
This game is like a huge version of rock, paper, scissors. There are actions which are required for this game. Dwarf involves crouching, for knight you should imitate riding a horse, and the giant action is simply stretching your arms above your head. The dwarves beat giants, giants beat knights and knights beat dwarves. The group is split into two and each team is given an end of the hall. They gather and decide what action they are going to perform (whole team does same). The teams are then brought together in the center of the hall. They line up facing each other with a metre between the lines. The leader then shouts "3,2,1, GO!" Each team fulfills their action. The team whose action wins chases the other team. Trying to tig as many people as possible. Those who are done become part of the other team. The game then simply repeats.

Cat and Mouse
Make a grid using the children, get them to hold out arms (touching neighbor's fingertips) so that this forms a maze of alleys that the children can run along. The leader picks one child to be a mouse and one child to be a cat, the cat chases the mouse along the alleys until they're caught. While the cat and mouse are running about, the leader shouts change to the children forming the alley-ways. This means the children have to turn round (through 90o) so as to now form vertical alley-ways instead of horizontal ones.

Indiana Jones
Two rings of standing children. One inside the other with both rings facing each other, creating a circular corridor. The Earth ball at one side (inside corridor) and a child playing Indiana Jones at the other. The children have to roll the ball around the corridor chasing Indiana Jones.

Donkey Bombers
Two teams elect a Donkey (leader?) (Or two) who sit about 10m apart balancing a plastic cup on their heads. Remaining members of the team sit in random lines in front of "their donkey". Teams are given a huge stack of newspapers. Teams get a point by knocking off the cup of the opposing donkey (s). Kids must stay canned and can throw paper any way they like! – makes a bit of a mess but is great fun – play some loud music during the game too.

Living on an Island
Give a sheet of newspaper to each team who must get all members to stand on it suddenly without anyone touching floor. Then they are allowed to rip a piece off their sheet and repeat. Team with small sheet wins.

Balloon burst
Sit kids on two rows of chairs facing each other. (Number them off along each row "1-2-1-2 … etc"). Place Team Captain No.1 at one end of the row of chairs, and Captain No.2 at the other end. Kids must bat a balloon with their hands (remaining seated) towards their relative Captain who is standing with a drawing pin. (ie every kid is sitting between players from the opposition team).

Blind man face off
Teams number off so that each has an opposite number in other team. Leader picks a number … both then have to don blindfolds and then make it to a water-pistol in middle of room (which you can move after their blindfolds are on) teams shout at their own players. Player to find water-pistol and then hit other player wins a point (time limit).

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7 Top Family Bonding Road Trip Games

Family Interaction Game # 1. "I Spy" – with variations

No road trip would be complete without a (many) games of "I Spy".

This works well for youngger kids especially. Take turns to look for something the other players have to guess correctly. You begin your turn by saying "I spy with my little eye something beginning with a (letter) _____". The other player tries to guess it from the surrounding items or countryside. The person who correctly guesses gets to have the next turn.

Variations. How about I spy with my little eye something with a color of_______, or I spy with my little eye something that is associated with_______ eg flying (bird, plane), milking, plowing, riding (horse, bike, car etc)

Family Interaction Games # 2. Geography Game

This is a great game for players (old and young) to brush up on their world knowledge.

The first player thinks of a place or country (say London). The next player has to think of a place or town or city with the last letter of the previous place mentioned. In this case it would be N, (for Naples), being the last letter of London, and so on. The game continues until someone gets stumped and can not think of an appropriate place. Each place, town or city can only be used once.

Family Interaction Games # 3. When I was Young / When you were born

From experience, kids love to hear about 2 things especially – when they were born and when their parents were young, like themselves.

The game is started by one or both the parents retelling stories of their childhood and events surrounding the birth of the children. Tales relating to the parents schooling, how they traveled to school, how far they walked to school and favorite / worst teachers.

Events at the birth relating to the dash to the hospital, first impressions at the birth, some major character experiences and first words are all great conversation starters.

Family Interaction Games # 4. Math – Number Plate Bingo

Good game for learning number recognition skills.

Each player lists out numbers 1-50. Then they are to look for those numbers on number plates. The one who completes their list first is the winner. To make this game spin out a little longer only number plates of a certain state or color can be used.

Family Interaction Games # 5. My best, my most scary, my best …

Each child (and the parents) try to remember a certain event in their lives (or from their imagination) from the choices below or make your own: (each choice represents 1 round). Players agree on the type of event before each round.

My most scary moment My best time My favorite holiday My most stressful event

Each player then records the event in their life (actual or imagined). After each round the family members vote which story is best, based on on originality and graphic detail The one with the most votes wins the round. The one with the most winning rounds after 5 rounds wins.

Family Interaction Games # 6. Maths – Number Search

Each player (kids and adults included) lists 1 – 100 in a column and the winner is the first player that finds all the numbers on the list by finding the number words or symbols on advertisements, road speed signs and distance signposts. Write each occurrence against the item on your list as you find it.

Family Interaction Games # 7. Car Make / Model Reversii

This will have the whole car in fits of laughter … guaranteed! If you see a Cadillac Eldorado (for instance) whiz past the players try and quickly say the make and model spelled BACKWARDS. So for this example the kids will be trying to say "Callidac" (Cadillac spelled backwards) and the pronunciation would be something like Call-i-dac.

Then for the model Odarodle (Eldorado spelled backwards) they would try to say O-dar-odle. Once people are trying to say these words quickly, as other cars zoom past, it quickly turns into a real laugh … you'll remember this game for years. (I do not know of anyone else who has played this game apart from our family – so you could say it's exclusive.)

I sincerely hope that these games will help the whole family have a great holiday …

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How to Stop a Man From Playing Mind Games With You! Use This Advice to Your Advantage Right Now

Men sometimes look at mind games as a way to kill time. These men are either overly confident or they're too insecure that's why they're resorting to playing mind games with you. If you want to keep your man from doing this at a recurring phase, then here are 7 tips that you could consider to follow:

Do not let it affect you.
Just like kids who are having tantrums, it would be best for you to ignore him rather than give in to his teasing. This behavior should confuse him and he will soon, inevitably, stop these mind games.

A display of emotion will not make him stop.
This guy would also try to test you by looking at other women while you're with him or he'll openly praise a woman who just walked past you. Even if you're boiling deep within, do not ever give him the joy of knowing that you're already too jealous.

Quash the sadist in him.
A man who's good at playing mind games is someone who's done it a hundred times. This man will lay traps that would make you succumb in no time. But if you're clever enough to not give in, then he would realize that his usual mind games do not seem to work on you and he 'll definitely stop.

Be good at mind games, too.
Rather than become furious at what he's doing, it's better if you give him a dose of his own medicine. Try to praise other guys in his presence as well. Casually tell him that some guys hovered over you while you were waiting for him to arrive at the restaurant. This should make him panic.

Hisighten his jealousy.
If casually mentioning to him that other guys seem interested on you does not seem to work, then why do not you try to flirt with other men while he's staring at you. If he gets angry over this act, then this will confirm that he's deeply into you and this should also stop him from doing the same thing with you.

Take a week away from him.
Men are not strangers to the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčasking for some time off. This time, be the one to ask for it. If he requests what made you ask for space, do not give him a definite answer. This should make him wonder what's going on and he'll want to win you over the rather than play mind games the next time he sees you.

Draw the line with this guy.
Once you get back, it's time to tell him how you feel about his mind games. Open up to him, tell him how you expected you are at the way he's been treating you. Tell him also that if he will not stop, then you have no recourse but to let go rather than suffer emotionally each time.

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Silly Valentine’s Day Party Games For Adults

Valentine’s Day is the one day one lovers become especially amorous and romantic. While this is certainly true, it’s also a day when adults can be a bit naughty, crazy, and silly albeit in good ways with the help of Valentine’s Day party games. Here are a few games that are perfect for you and your adult friends to play on this day of hearts.

The Kissing Game

Do you remember those times in high school or college when people paid for the privilege of kissing the hottest guy or gal in the school? You can play a fun game that will bring those times back, but this time around you will be kissing the hottest guy or gal in your life right now – your partner or spouse.

The rules are simple; whoever leaves the party with the most lipstick marks on his/her partner is the winner. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the woman kissing the man since they can exchange roles just to mix the rules up a bit.

Tie Around the Neck

Many people describe the day they got married or engaged as a day they felt like a noose was closing around their neck, but they dispelled the feeling and jumped in. This game is a fun way to bring that doomed feeling back.

These hilarious Valentine’s Day party games have simple rules, but are not as easy as you may think. The male partner has to tie a handkerchief around his female partner using only one hand. You can tie one hand behind the man’s back to make the game a little more challenging and fun.

Roll the Ball

This is a game that requires intimacy between partners because physical contact is required. The man must roll a ping pong ball up the arm of the woman to her other arm using nothing but his face. After the man has completed the task, the woman has to roll the same ball from the man’s waist down, down his trouser leg, ending at his foot. The woman can use nothing but her face to accomplish this.

If the couple drops the ball at anytime, they have to start at the beginning. You may want to enforce even more rules like if a partner drops the ball a third time, the couple is disqualified.

Paper Dance

You cannot forget about the most common and funniest of all Valentine’s Day party games ever created. The paper dance is designed to test a couples ingenuity in fitting into a single sheet of paper no matter what their size and body weight is. This game allows for some great public displays of affection without getting overly gross.

The game is played by folding a newspaper into smaller and smaller pieces until the partners are practically standing on their toes. The couple that hangs onto their piece of paper will be deemed the winners. This game sort of reminds you of marriage too!

Now all you have to worry about to throw a successful Valentines Day party is food, drinks, venue, decorations, and venue now that you have Valentine’s Day party games taken care of. If children will also be attending, make sure to keep the party romantic and fun because you don’t want any of the kids to think their parents are gross.

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How to Play Video Games Responsibly

First off, I will admit that I was once a video game addict. It first starts when you buy your first console. A person, especially children, will play their game systems for hours on end when they first acquire a gaming system. At first, this looks like no big deal, but this 'game binging' develops into something far worse.

As new gamers progress, they begin to make time for video games. An example of this would be setting a time to finish homework so that a game could be played. Tip number one is: NEVER make time to play a video game. Let down time be time to play video games. If you let the game create its own time in your life, you are in essence allowing it to take over.

MMORPGs are perhaps the most addictive of video games. You can spend hours playing WoW or Runescape, but never actually get to the level or place you wanted to. This leads to overplaying and in turn addictive behavior. Tip number two is: Set reasonable in-game goals in order to maintain a positive experience and also keep your time under control.

When you have everything under control with gaming, it will not feel like a job, but rather a pastime or hobby. You will feel no huge desire to play because it is no big deal to you.

When all is said and done, if you still have a feverish addiction to gaming, my solution is: just become a video game tester or get a job within the industry. Game testers are not considered addicts because they work within the industry. You do not even have to be a pro or master to become one. They get paid well as you progress through the gaming industry and gain experience. Why not try it out if you have an uncanny penchant for gaming. Work at Gamestop if you have a passion for gaming because others will be glad to listen to you for advice.

Video game addiction is becoming serious business as the numbers of gamers keeps growing worldwide. Do not lose your sense of reality and remember my two main tips to keeping it under control: never make time to play a game and set reasonable in-game goals. Play on gamers!

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Math Games For Kids to Practice Number Skills

By introducing a few fun math games into the classroom or homework schedule, you will change 'I HATE math!' Into 'I LOVE math!'.

Best of all, children do not even know they're doing math when it is this much fun. Just make sure that kids are challenged.

Included below are a few fun math games for kids for use at home or in the classroom. These are games that practice number skills.

Higher or Lower
This is a perfect math game for practicing order of numbers.
You can use numbers that have 2 digits, 3 digits or more.
To begin select the upper and lower number limits, eg between 10 and 100.
One player selects a number and records it on a piece of paper.
The other player / s guesses what they think the number might be. For every guess the first player tells if the chosen number is higher or lower. Keep playing until the number is guessed.

Find It First
Use this fun math game to practice basic times tables (or addition, subtraction or division also).
Simply write the answers to tables you are going to practice, randomly over the board or a piece of paper, eg to practice eight times tables write – 8, 16, 24, 32, 40 etc. To make the game a bit more challenging, you can add a few other numbers.
Two kids stand or sit either side to the numbers and a multiplication table is given, eg 7 multiplied by 8.
Kids compete to be the first to point to the answer.
The first point to the answer, scores a point and the first to have three points is the winner.
This game works well as a whole class game with children representing their team or have a tournament to find who the class champion is with each child having a go.

Largest Number
This is one of my favorites. It is a simple and fun math game that always motivates children.
Each person rolls the dice. Use
3. dice for children to practice 3 digit numbers
4. dice for children to practice 4 digit numbers
5. dice for children to practice 5 digit numbers
-6 dice for children to practice 6 digit numbers
Each person rolls the dice and records the numbers shown, eg 3 4 1 6.
The players then organize the digits to make the largest possible number that they can, eg 6431.
The player with the highest number receives 1 point.

Twenty Questions Number Game
No equipment is needed for this children's math game.
First choose a number within the range to be played, eg 1- 20, 1-100, 100-1000.
The number is recorded on a piece of paper but not shown to the others.
The other players then ask questions to help them to identify the number.
Only yes / no questions can be used.
Encourage children to ask general questions to begin with, eg Is it odd? Is it more than 50? Instead of trying to guess the number, eg Is it 38?

Using games in math offers so much more than just fun. These games also help to develop a deep understanding of number concepts and a confidence attitude towards a sometimes unpopular subject. Do not be surprised when hear, 'Gee that was fun! Can we do it again? '

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Construction Games Online and Offline

There are plenty of fun games online, but some of the best and most popular games involve making things. The phenomenal success of FarmVille over the last year or so, is down to that creative urge. Growing crops and making a farm has a massive appeal. Some games that cater to the 'making' impuls in a very direct way are construction games.

There are many online games to play online for free and there are also games for PC and console.

Some games are pure construction, others have a big element of construction in the game play. Examples of the latter include the Tycoon games which in a sense are business games but where the player needs to build up assets to earn more money and proceed. There are also empire building games like Rise of Nations where cities must be constructed and managed so that income can flow to equip armies.

One of the purest building games is 'Bridge It'. The object is simple. You have limited funds to spend on materials to build a bridge. The challenge is to make a structure that is strong enough to withstand the passage of trucks or trains. The fun is partly the building- with its true-to-life rules of physics- and partly watching the trains as they crash into the abyss or bounce through to a triumphal conclusion!

Railroad Tycoon 2 was one of the most successful games of its era. The aim is to build rockets and get rich. It is getting old now but still provides plenty of fun and game play. It is also worth mentioning Zoo Tycoon. The 3D environment and the exhibits that you need to build in your Zoo make it a satisfying experience.

Tropico 3 has been very successful in the last few years. You are in charge of a tropical island and need to guide it to a bright and prosperous future. This is a fun game if you do not mind playing as a person of dubious morals As a Banana Republic Generalissimo you only have bribery or terror tactics to control your population. Upset the Americans and they will invade- which is almost as bad as the hurricanes that sometimes turn up.

The Age of Empire series involves getting your villagers to work well as your Empire expends. The Rise of Nations installment from that series is one of the best strategy games ever made. Also worth mentioning are 'Settlers' and 'Caesar'.

Sid Meir is a legend in the simulation games world. He was seriously responsible for the Railroad Tycoon series as well as Civilization and Colonization.

This is the best of the many city building games. Sim City 4 offers the chance to construct and manage everything from mega cities to small towns with a satisfying degree of realism.

There are dozens of online games geared to satisfying the impulse to build. One of the nest pure building games is Cargo Bridge. You design a bridge in the blue print mode and then send out your little workers to fetch some supplies. As they cross the bridges you have built there is a satisfying amount of shaking and bouncing as the wood and steel structures react to the loads. A bad design means your workers plummet into the abyss as the bridge collapses!

There are also Lego like brick building games, electrical circuit games, plumbing games and physics based demolition games- for when the creative impulse gives way to the glee of destruction.

Younger children are catered for with games that are similar to dress up games in their format. Instead of make up and clothes to engage the interest, there are building styles to select and color schemes to explore. Daisy's Construction Crew is a good example of this kind of games.

It would be fun to know if any of theses games have sparked an interest in a career in architecture or the construction industry! There is probably a young Leonardo da Vinci out there right now!

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Six Physical Education Games and Activities Your Elementary Students Will Love

The physical education games that are described in this article can be played at the beginning of gym class as part of a warm exercise, during the period wholly or partially devoted to games or physical education activities or at the end of class as part of cool down Exercises. In addition to the obvious benefits of providing good exercise, combating obesity and developing motor skills, the other skills that I wanted my students to demonstrate when they play these games are co-operation, sportsmanship and enjoyment.

Here are 6 examples of physical education games that my students and I enjoyed.

1. Face to Face

Scatter formation (possibly in a large circle) with partners. One odd player stands in the center and alternates between calling "Face to Face" and "Back to Back". The students take the positions accordingly. When he calls "All change" the students must find new partners and the center player tries to get one too. The student left without a partner goes to the center and gives the commands. If there was no "odd student" then I played too.

2. Partner Tag

All of the students but two hook arms in couples. Of the two that are free one is "it" or the chaser and the other is the runner. The runner tries to avoid being tagged by locking arms with either member of any couple he chooses. When he does, the third student of the group becomes the runner and must avoid being tagged. If the runner is tagged the runner and chaser change positions. To make the activity interesting, the couples should run and twist to elude the runner. For a large number of students there can be more than one runner and chaser.

3. Catch the Cane

Have the students form a circle or divide the class in two and make two circles. Each student has a number from 1 to the end. One student is "It" and stands in the middle of the circle holding a cane or yard / meter stick with one end on the floor. This student calls out one of the numbers and lets go of the cane. The student whose number was called, must catch the cane before it falls to the floor. If it fails it becomes "It".

4. Overpass

Divide the class into 2 even teams (or 4 for a large class and run two games simultaniously). Team 1 forms a circle and each member of team 2 stands between two members of team 1. A team 1 member holds a ball (volleyball, soccer ball, football, etc.) and a member of team 2 holds the same type of ball ( Differentiate the balls, color, etc.).

On the word "go", each team member passes their ball to their team member on their right (or left). The team that completes the full circle with their ball gets a point.

The teacher can vary the game by calling out, "circle" (the student with the ball must run around the circle before passing the ball) or "zig-zag" or "bounce the ball", etc. I'm sure you get the idea. It's great fun.

5. Pass and Change

Arrange all the students in the class except one in a circle of about 40 feet in diameter. The student who is "it" stands in the center of the circle with a large (soft) ball.

To start, "it" calls the names of two students in the circle and at the same time throws the ball to a third student. The two students whose names were called, run to exchange places in the circle. The third student, upon catching the ball, throws it back to "it". "It" then throws the ball at one of the two students, trying to hit one before they manage to change places. If "it" succeeds in hiring one, the student who was hit becomes "it". The game starts again with the new student being "it".

6. Fish Net

This game is played with two teams. One team is the NET and the other team is the FISH. To begin, each team stands behind a goal line at opposite ends of the field. The NET team chooses a Captain and joins hands in a line. The FISH team runs free. At a signal, both teams run forward and the NET team tries to make a circle around as many FISH as possible. The FISH may not duck under the arms of the NET, but if the NET drops hands, the FISH may escape.

When the NET team has made its circle, the Captain counts the number of FISH that were caught. The other team now has a turn to be the NET. These are only a few of the elementary physical education activities and games that my kids participate in during their gym periods. You'll find many more by visiting my website. I hope you enjoy teaching these games because your students will love them.

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Concentration Memory Games – Play to Enhance Your Memory & Concentration

The ability to concentrate is a value of all, but some have low concentration levels and some have stupendous concentration power and there are a section people who possess average levels of concentration. A distracted mind can not concentrate and this could lead to inability to learn or complete any given task.

In our day-to-day activities we find it difficult to pay attention; Our mind is pre-employed with other thoughts or your worried / stressed or the given work is simply of not your interest and this fails you to dedicate the required concentration to one particular work. You can try some concentration memory games to improve your focussing and attentions abilities.

Benefits of concentration memory games: Basically the concentration memory game not only improves your concentration but also sharpens or revitalises the overall brain performance; You will achieve sharper memory, pay better attention to given tasks, your mind is able to focus better, organizes your thought process, increases your learning speed and then your overall brain activity shoots up to give a better performance out put.

Different kinds of concentration memory games: The concentration memory games is known by different names; Pelmanism, Pexeso, Shinkei-suijaku or Pairs. The game is played with a pack of cards that are shuffled and arranged face down in rows and in every turn you need to turn over the matching pairs of cards. The games can include one player or more number of players.

These are different scientifically designed online concentration memory games that are easily accessible and fun to play. Especially, the online brain games at various sites have a wide range of concentration memory games such as Lost in Migration, Space junk and the bird watching games are really effective in improving your concentration and memory level. These games have difficulty levels and your progress in achieving greater concentration increases with each level. Not only this, the games cater to all age groups and it is a lot of fun to play them along with making your brain brighter and sharper.

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Explore These Kitty Party Theme Games For Some Real Fun

Kitty party themes are simply excellent as they double the fun of an, otherwise, ordinary ladies kitty party. And the fun gets tripled when you add some great entertainment options to your itinerary which primarily includes playing some fabulous kitty party games!

So if there's an upcoming ladies get-together at your house, here are some very exciting theme-based kitty party games that you can add to your kitty. These games are of very short duration but the level of excitation and thrill in those few minutes is just inexplicable. So here how can play these exciting games!

Theme-based Games For A Memorable Get-together

1. Fruit Themed Game

As the name clearly suggests, this game revolves around fruits. For this game you can take a black cloth and place a round fruit under it, say orange or berries. Now each lady will have to come, touch the fruit without lifting the black cloth, ie they will have to touch the fruit from above the cloth and just feel it without seeing and then write the name of the fruit (they guess) on a white Paper. You can replace one fruit with another for every participant but you have to remember which fruit is given to what. They will have one minute to identify the fruit. The winner will be the lady first routes down the correct name of the fruit she is given.

2. Bollywood Themed Game

Bollywood is, undoably, one of the most popular kitty party themes of all ages. This particular game requires nothing but pen and paper depending on the number of participants. Simply write down the names of some popular actors (at least 10) and give one minute time to all the ladies to write at least one of their famous dialogues. The ladies can write more than one dialogue for each actor but the condition is at least one for each actor. The winner will be the lady who can complete the game in the least possible time.

3. Flower Themed Games

A floral theme makes the venue look extremely beautiful and to give it a finishing touch, you can play this exciting game called "Blank Flower". This is nothing but a fill-up-the-blank game where the words used are names of flowers. For example: _O_E, I_ _S, _R_ _I_, etc. In the example, the first is Rose, second is Iris and the third flower is Orchid. You can make a list of such questions and make copies of the paper to distribute among the ladies. This is a one-minute game and the winner will be the lady who can complete the game in minimum possible time.

4. DIY Themed Games

DIY is a great way to explore the creative genius inside you. So in this game, you, as the host, will be giving a few basic materials like lace, thermocol, pin, glu, quilling paper, scissor and paint to all the ladies and give them 5 minutes time to make whatever creative they can think Of out of those materials. Quite obviously, the winner of the game will be the lady who can make the most beautiful craft within those 5 minutes.


Games add fun and excitement, something that brings life to a party. And when they are based on a particular theme, the whole atmosphere gets completed. Try including these games and let us know how you and friends enjoyed.

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