Playing Mind Games With My Ex To Take Revenge And Even Win Love Back! (3 Quick Tips)

Have you been thinking about playing mind games with your ex so you can take revenge and hopefully, maybe, even win his or her love back? What you're feeling and wondering about is natural and possible, if you do it right! Read these 3 tips and you might be surprised at how soon you will regain control over this situation and yourself …

Tip # 1: Decide That You Are Going To Be The One In Charge From Now On.

Reclaim your personal power and control over this situation by first deciding to be the leader of your relationship life. So what if your ex is the one who initiated the break up? Decide that this relationship is only over when you say it's so. Change your mind, change your life.

So, in the meantime, realize that it's not that you're being dumped, it's that you are giving your ex a chance to prove whether he or she is worthy of you accepting him or her back into your life! This is the best kind of revenge: if he or she does not apologize and make amends for ending your relationship, do not take him or her back. After all, it's truly his or her loss for breaking up with you. Keep reminding yourself that you are a good catch and anyone would be lucky to be with you.

Tip # 2: Give Your Ex Some "Shock Therapy".

What do I mean by shock therapy? Shock your ex by behaving totally opposite of what your ex would expect of you. Why do this? Because right now, your ex has a certain image of you in his or her mind. And for some reason, that image has become either 'negative' or 'boring'.

Since this is all in your ex's mind, we need to perform some 'shock therapy' – and get your ex to rethink some of his or her preconceived notions about you, your relationship and life. After all, if you do not try 'shocking' your ex, there is no guarantee anything in your ex's mind will change, would not you agree?

So play some mind games with your ex by doing something unexpected and unusual. Please do not be too extreme. Just modify a small part of your behavior. For example, if you're usually quiet and do not talk much, be more chatty and open than usual. And if you're usually very talkative, keep quiet and listen attentively. I guarantee your ex will be shocked and surprised to see your change so quickly.

Tip # 3: Go Out With Your Friends And Take Nice Photos To Upload On Your Social Networks Like MySpace Or Facebook.

One of the reasons I share this tip is to give you and your ex a safe space and opportunity to reconnect and communicate. Now that you are no longer a couple, it's harder to just call each other to ask "How are you?" But you can bet that your ex is curious to know how you have been getting along since your break up. So, the best way to send the message that you are well and doing fine is to share photos of some fun events you and your friends have been to together. Even if you've just been snapping photos while going out alone, just upload. You never know when your ex might decide to start a conversation with you about something interesting in your photos!

Now that you're read these 3 quick tips on how to play mind games with your ex to take revenge and even win love back, I sincerely hope you feel better soon and treat yourself well now because you can.

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