5 Easiest Bridal Shower Games to Play & Plan

Worried about planning elbow bridal shower games to play with your guests? If you are hosting a bridal shower, you are probably busy enough organizing invitations, food, decorations, and housecleaning! Here are 5 great bridal shower games that require little or no preparation on your part. Even if you've played them before, they are definitely "repeatable," and always a lot of fun!

1. Toilet Paper Wedding Dresses

Preparation time: None

Supplies: Rolls of toilet paper

Arrange your guests into groups of 4-5. Give each group a roll of toilet paper. Tell the groups they have 5 (or 10) minutes to dress one member of the group in the best possible wedding dress, made using only the toilet paper and anything else they may have in their purses. Then set a timer. When time runs out, ask each well-dressed guest to model her gown. Ask the entire group to vote on their favorite. The winning group receives small prizes, or goes first in line for refreshments.

2. Another Toilet Paper Game

Prepartion time: None

Supplies: 1 or 2 rolls of toilet paper

Pass the roll of toilet paper among the guests, instructing each person to "tear off as much as she thinks she needs."

When everyone has their share, go around the room and ask each person to share one piece of advice for the newlyweds for each square of toilet paper. Give a prize to the person with the best advice, funniest advice or most advice.

3. Bridal Shower Purse Game

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Supplies: Paper and pencils for each guest

Before the shower, make a list of about 20-25 items women carry in their purses. Be sure to list common as well as unusual items. Assign a point value to each one, giving the rare items more points than the ordinary ones. To play the game, give each guest a piece of paper and a pencil. Call out each item on the list, along with its point value. If the guest has that item in her purse, she writes down the corresponding number of points. When you are done reading your list, each guest adds up her own score. The person with the most points is the winner.

4. How Well Do You Know the Bride?

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Supplies: Paper and pencils for each guest

Before the shower, make a list of about 20 questions about the bride and groom. Include information that most guests are sure to know, along with some that only a few will know. Include questions such as, "Where did the bride and groom first meet? When? What is the name of the groom's dog? What is the bride's middle name? Where are they going on their honeymoon?" and so on.

Note: Show your list of questions to the bride in advance, to make sure there is nothing that might become "awkward" for her or any of the guests. This can even be done right before the shower, so you can quickly change a question or two.

To play the game, read each question, giving each guest time to write an answer. If guests do not know the answer, encourage them to guess. These guesses can by themselves be hilarious enough to make the game a success! When you've asked all the questions, ask the bride to give her answers. Award a prize to the winner (s).

5. Were You Paying Attention?

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Supplies: Paper and pencils for each guest

Before the shower *, take a few minutes and make a list of things that guests should be able to notice about the bride if they are paying attention. Write questions such as, "Was the bride wearing a necklace? What color are her shoes? How many rings is she wearing? Is she wearing any lipstick? And so on.

Partway through the shower ask the bride to leave the room. Give the guests paper and pencil. Ask your questions, allowing just enough time for guests to write brief answers. Then call the bride back into the room. The right answers will become very appropriate! Award a prize to the winner (s).

* Or, write the questions quickly after the bride arrives, so you can tailor your questions more precisely.

There are many, many other great bridal shower games to play, but few are easier than these. So relax, and enjoy the role of bridal shower hostess!

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Improvisation Games For the Young Actor

Improvisation games are a wonderful way to break the ice with your new cast, to review and build skills and to help your players find themselves in the characters they are portraying and the script you are working on with them. Through improvisation exercises and games players learn to respond quickly to changes in their environment and to create in the moment a new way of looking at or responding to or expressing feelings about a situation that has been equally as spontaneously created.

As the director of young performers I have developed a repertoire I would like to share here, of games that I feel work well with kids and teens. These are by no means all original products, in fact most of them have been around for a very long time, but I include them here not as my own inventions but as games I have found to be particularly useful for and popular with my young actors .

Park Bench – This is usually the first game I teach. It is simple, and is played happily by all ages – believe it or not I have known the 5 – 8 year old crew to go on with this game for an hour or more! I begin by asking for a volunteer to be the first innocent bench sitter. I tell the bench sitter that he is sitting there knowing his own business when a new person comes and sits down next to him – and here I encourage the next child to come and join the first. The second person's job is to say or do something to make the first person leave. The first person's job – and this is an important point to make – is to allow the second person's statement or action to make them want to leave. When the first person gets up and leaves, the second person moves into their spot and becomes the next innocent bench sitter and receives the next child in line who will now make him leave. The original innocent bench sitter goes to the end of the line of the rest of the future park bench antagonists to await his own turn.

Freeze – Another old standby, Freeze has been around forever and is enjoyed by players of any age. It begins with two volunteers taking the stage. The director asks the audience to give the two volunteers a scenario to begin a scene with: A place, an activity and who the two actors are depicting. Without allowing time for the two actors to do much thinking, the director instructs the volunteers to begin the scene. The scene progresses for a few minutes and then when the actors are in an interesting physical formation the director yells "Freeze!" and the two actors must freeze their bodies at that instant.

One new volunteer is chosen and that person takes the stage and taps lightly on the shoulder of whichever actor holds a position that inspires him. The tapped actor leaves the stage. The new actor assays his position and uses that pose as the stimulus to begin an entirely new scene.

The Martha Game – And no, nobody knows why it is called "The Martha Game."

One actor is chosen to be the Martha. The Martha has the pleasure of choosing where she is, what she is doing and what she is and she announces this to the group and freezes in an action pose. The rest of the students one by one call out what they want to be in the scene – any character or environmental aspect of the Martha's scene is fair game including inanimate objects – and add themselves, frozen, to the picture. When all the actors have chosen their addition to Martha's scenario, the director will clap her hands three times and the picture come to life, moving and talking, even the inanimate objects must speak as if what they are rendering could speak. This results in a wild chaotic, wonderful crazy scene. This game is not for the faint of heart.

Tell Me Again? – This game originates with me and begins with a prewritten set of sentences on strips of paper that might be used to begin a scene. Some examples:

I do not believe this. I'm tired. Do not tell me that. What do you mean? Wow. What do you know? It's great to see you.

Two students choose a slip of paper with a sentence printed on it, enter the playing space and begin a scene with their sentences. The catch here is that the only things the students are allowed to say are all that one one that they hold in their hand. They must use their bodies, faces, actions and inflection to vary the scene and portray different intents. The fun really begins as the director adds more players, each with their own script of one sentence to play with. The game is great for teaching about the many ways a line can be delivered, as well as a delightful way to show that it is not what we say so much as how we say it.

The Game Show Game – An original variation on the old standard The Dating Game. Three kids are chosen to create characters, the identities of which they do not reveal. The characters may be anything from Sponge Bob Square Pants to a rabbit to macaroni and cheese. The three characters sit in a row of three chairs, with enough space between them to allow them to move around physically while porting themselves. A contestant is chosen who then sits at the stage right end of the row of characters and the announcer – the director – begins the game.

Announcer: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to our show The Game Show Game where our contantant will have five rounds of questions in order to determine who these three characters might be. Here is our constant for today: Tom. Character number one, please say hello to Tom!

The characters go down the line each saying a characteristic "hello" to the contantant. When this is accomplished the announcer says, "Tom, please ask your first question."

The characters answer a series of five questions posed by the contestant who gathers information from the answers that hopefully leads him to the answer to who the characters really are. This game works well as it involves a lot of kids at once and even the kids playing the audience are participants as if the contantant is not able to guess the identity of a character the announcer says, "We turn to the audience. ..do you have a guess for this character? " At the end of the round when al character have been disclosed the contantant goes back to the audience, the characters all move stage right one chair, character number one becomes the contantant and a new character number three is chosen from the audience, and the announcer walks into her introduction once again …

These games are a mere sampling of what is available for directors to play with their students. Some helpful improvement game links are:



Improvisation games provide the director with a myriad of ways to stretch the rehearsal and performance skills of her fledgling actors into uncharted territory, while providing opportunities for building social skills and developing camaraderie among the students. The director will enjoy watching the student actors grow as they play, laugh with their cast mates, and become more spontaneous, creative performers.

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President's Day – Party Games to Get You Started

President's Day is an occasion worth celebrating, so why not throw a party? Games can make the occasion lots of fun, and the examples below are just the start.

"How well do you know your Presidents?" Party Game

This fun President's Day party game will test whether you know as much as you think you know about past American presidents. It is best suited to older children or adult players. Prior to the game, prepare answer sheets that have the names of 10-20 candidates listed down the left hand-side. On the right-hand side, have the same number of blank spaces down the page. The object of the game is to, in pairs if desired, correctly list the candidates in chronological order of when they were president. The person or pair with the most correct answers is the winner of this President's Day party game.

"Truth or Bluff" President's Day Party Game

This is a fun President's Day party game for older children or adults. If it's played by a group of people who know each other well – or at least think they do – participants will have to be VERY good at telling tall tales! All that's required for the game is a coin, and something to hide it under. The first player thinks of a story about themselves to tell the group, and hides the coin. If the story is true, they hide the coin heads-up; if it's untrue, they hide it tails-up. They tell their story to the other players, and they each decided whether the story was true or not. The player who told the story reveals the coin, and the people who guessed correctly get a point. The player with the most points after everyone has told a story wins this hilarious President's Day party game.

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Comparing Kids Games of the Past to the Present

While shopping for some games as Angel Tree gifts, I came to realize that so many games today are electronic games. It made me begin to think back to my own childhood days and the games that we used to play.

Since we were poor a lot of our games were free or very inexpensive to play. I remember that one of our favorite indoor games was to play a card game named “Go Fishing” or “Go Fish”. It is usually played with two to five players. Usually both the adults and the kids would join in a Go Fish game.

Using a standard card deck, 7 cards are dealt to each of the players. The rest of the deck is spread out in the center of the table. The first player will ask another player to give them their cards of a particular rank. For example, “Give me all your Queens”. The requesting player cannot ask for a card that they are not holding in their own hand.

If the player asked has any cards of the requested rank, they hand them over and the requesting player earns another turn. If the player asked does not have any cards of the requested rank, they say “go fish” or “go fishing”. The requesting player then draws a card from the pool in the center of the table.

When a player has four cards of a given rank, then they have “a book” and they place that book face up in front of them on the table. When a player runs out of cards they draw a card from the pool and the game continues until all cards are gone from the pool. At that time the games ends and the player with the most books wins.

We had several different card games that we could play with that same deck of cards.

When the weather was good and we could play outdoors, we would entertain ourselves with a neighborhood baseball or softball game or we would take a stick and draw out a hop scotch game in the dirt or a sandy area.

We lived in a rural area and our preference was to play outdoors. We would take walks in the woods and go down to the nearby swimming hole on a hot day.

Today kids start out as very small children with learning DVDs, TV entertainment and as they grow there are all the video games that eat up hours and hours of their time.

That’s not to say that these games cannot be shared between the adults and children. For instance, the Mario Kart Wii is a game that is loved by the racing fan dad as much as the kids.

Learning DVDs can help the child with getting a head start on things like their A-B-Cs before they even start to kinder care.

And even before that, the parents can get an entertaining DVD that helps the child learn potty training.

Little girls still get dolls; they are just more sophisticated. Dolls today are almost like a real baby. Families years ago had so many children that I guess we just had the real thing to learn from about what babies really do.

Little boys still get toy trucks but I guess you don’t have to really push them by hand anymore.

There is nothing overly good or bad about the old and the present, however it is sometimes fun to just look back and compare. It’s even fun to share with your kids some of the older games and play them together.

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Super Snake Game Strategy

The snake game is one of the earliest and most popular classic video games. This highly addictive and deceptively simple game is easy to learn but a challenge to master. Your goal is to eat as much food as possible. With each bite you take, your snake grows longer. The game ends when you run into a wall or into the snake's own body.

Achieving a high score in the snake game requires lighting fast reflexes and careful planning. You might survive with a haphazard strategy early in the game, but as your snake grows longer, you will need more skill and coordination to keep the game alive.

To make the most of your snake game, follow these few simple tips:

Stick to Your Skills – Any good snake game will give you a variety of skill levels from which to choose. The higher the skill level, the faster the snake moves, and hence the more difficult the game. Pick the appropriate level for your skills. If you are a new player, start with the easiest level until you have mastered the game. Then try the next harder level.

Take Your Time – Most snake games do not have a time limit, so there is no incentive to rush. Hurrying to grab the food may result in an unexpected crash, thus ending the game. Slow down and take time to make sure your tail is out of the way and you are not going to crash into a wall. Some games feature bonus items that are only on screen for a limited time, but even in this case, do not sacrifice your life for extra points.

Live on the Edge – Try to keep your snake along the perimeter of the playing area. The key to the snake game is to make sure that the food is accessible wherever it appears. By keeping your snake along the edges, you free up the entire center of the screen, so you can grab the food without the risk of running into yourself. Just be careful that you do not run into the wall.

Take a Detour – If you are following a path along the edges of the snake game surface, sometimes your snake may grow too long. When this happens, you can detour by making zig-zag motors that allow you to pack more snakes into the same amount of space. Rapid back and forth movements are critical for making the most of the playing area without running into yourself.

Never Give Up – If you miss a target or make a wrong turn, do not despair! For the vast majority of snake game situations, you can almost always recover from a mistake. Unless your snake is exceptionally long or you have completely trapped yourself, you should be able to keep your snake alive. Take the time to let your tail get out of the way and make another try for the food.

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Top 5 Advantages of Playing Video Games

Contrary to the famous belief, video games can be more than just a form of addictive entertainment and diversion activity. There are a lot of people who find video games as a hindrance to function as a responsible and productive person. In reality, we can always find ways to prove that this is a beneficial activity.

Many believe that video gaming brought tendencies to human beings to become violent in our society nowadays. However, this is not all true. There are several elements in the environment that contributed well enough to man’s behavior.

The discussion of the benefits and advantages of video gaming should be brought into light. It is undeniable that the generation today consider surfing the internet and playing video games as part of their everyday life. Apart from being a great form of diversion activity, you’ll be surprised to know that playing video games has a lot to offer.

  1. A new way of teaching. Almost all children have access to video games as they study in school. There are many educational institutions nowadays that use video games as a teaching methodology. This approach works best in teaching these children to improve their academic skills. There are many video games that were specifically made to develop their cognitive and creative thinking skills.
  2. It improves hand and eye coordination. Experts agree that people who play video and computer games have better hand and eye coordination. Players have to move at a great deal of speed along with other heroes of the game. This can be helpful with children and adults as well in applying this skill in other activities that require better hand-eye coordination.
  3. A remedy for certain health disorder. There are many medical institutions that utilize computer games as a form of physiotherapy. This kind of games help people recover fast from physical injuries and help them improve their motor and coordination skills as well. Distraction is the best natural remedy for pain, and what other things loaded with so much fun as video games?
  4. Imagination booster. In the world of computer games, the possibilities are endless. Video gaming is packed with a lot of adventure that forces your mind to think in a completely new and different way. You’ll be amazed to know how far your imagination can take you.
  5. Improves your problem solving skills. This type of game requires problem solving skills. You are the heroine of your own game, so you should have a good decision making skill. Most games inspire players to strive and reach more difficult levels presenting challenges at every stage.

Playing computer games have positive as well as negative impact on you and your society. Everything in excess is bad. Parents should be able to set rules on how much and what kind of gaming is only permitted to their children. In addition, this type of diversion activity is expensive so parents must be strict and teach their children to learn to save money by buying items such as cheapest console for their video games. Engaging in this game should not be too expensive because game developing companies come up with the newest and better video games regularly as a response to the growing competition.

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Fun Volleyball Drills – How to Make Drills Fun and Effective

Occasionally coaches feel that running repetitive volleyball drills in the practice is somewhat like pulling teeth. The players get this painful look on their faces – one that reveals they are probably only going through the motions, but not enjoying it a bit.

What to Do?

One of the best and easiest techniques to involve participants is to make your drills a fun-filled experience. We all know from our own experience that learning anything through a fun-filled activity will produce better results.

It is important to put in extra effort to keep players alert when trying to develop volleyball technical skills, which is very monotonous training. Often, the plain repetition loses its effect because the participant, although physically involved, is not mentally engaged.

Once “fun” is introduced into the equation, mental engagement is increased.

How to Make Volleyball Drills Fun?

Introduce “mini-games” that can be played during daily volleyball drills.

Many coaches have discovered that use of a mini-game during practice becomes an effective teaching method when developing technical volleyball skills. Particularly this is true when developing skills for the very young players who possess attention spans probably as short as they are.

What Are Mini-Game Volleyball Drills?

The goal of the mini-game volleyball drills is to employ the skills training through repetitive drills, but by turning these drills into games. Games engage participants much more than standard repetitive drills.

The simplest is to divide the practice arena into “mini-courts” where one-on-one, two-on-two, or three-on-three games can be staged. These games not only help to develop technical skills but teach participants the valuable skills for reading the game as well.

How to Use Mini-Games?

Often it is necessary to employ the monotonous repetition of selected body movements, like footwork or shuffling drills into practice volleyball drills. Several sessions of mini-games help to reinforce skills developed through those “boring,” but necessary, drill movements.

The basic mini-game concept includes dividing players down to small teams to gain the advantage of every player being engaged in activity. Fielding three, two, and more effectively one against another will allow the greater activity for each individual. The goal of developing individual skills will have its highest effect in one-on-one activity.

Furthermore, when it comes to these mini-games, it really doesn’t matter what age level the volleyball players are. Players of all ages love to play games; therefore those could be used for all the volleyball players, younger or older.

Fun Volleyball Drills – One-On-One Games

Since the most important aspect, which is maximizing the ball contacts, derived from reducing the number of participants – the size of the court needs to be reduced. The court is divided into as many mini-courts as possible.

The court size varies; it is depending on the rules of the game. One-on-one games could take place in a space no larger than 10 by 20 feet (three by six meters). You will find that a 10-foot, or three-meter, length will work well for the back line in many of these games. Use a piece of tape to separate courts from one another. However, the court size and marking boundary lines are not important in mini-games – you could even change those between the rallies – since your goal is to maximize the ball contacts.

The most important aspect is to keep the ball flying. Keeping the ball in the air will produce more repetitions in a short period of time, which fastens the learning.

Since each individual involved in one-on-one mini-games will be the only member in a team, each has the sole responsibility to serve, pass, set and attack the ball for their “team”. This is naturally depending on the rules of the game.

The game could be played with one contact only, when the game becomes a tennis-like game, which is very beneficial when teaching bumping techniques and footwork. The coach could also allow two contacts – or make the rule that the first contact has to be a one hand pass, which is a great way to teach passing skills for the players. Options for new games are unlimited.

Fun Volleyball Drills – Examples of Mini-Games

In this example there is one player in a team. Conduct a mini-game where only one ball contact per side is allowed and limit this to bumping. Instead of employing the typical three-step volleyball offense to bump, and then set to spike, allowing only a “bump” return in a one-on-one volleyball game will help to develop passing techniques and footwork needed in it.

It is extremely important for the coach to keep watching the techniques – and give constant feedback for the players. When playing this game, the goal is to learn the correct passing techniques, not to win the game.

Multiple mini-games can be created to break the cycle of monotonous skills training. Use a little creative thought to design additional one-on-one mini-games to infuse fun into the volleyball drills.

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Dirty Texting Games to Play With Your Boyfriend

How does the idea of building up sexual tension prior to getting into the real action sound to you? I bet your answer is “Awesome!” Well, if my guess is correct how about letting me share some of the these games you can play with your boyfriend.

When you are in a relationship, talking to your partner can sometimes get old. But what happens when you need to sound fresh and step up the excitement? When you have been in a relationship for a long time and you still want to keep it exciting, dirty texting is the perfect means you can use to make sure that this happens.

Dirty texting goes hand in hand with dirty texting games, but sometimes introducing a new sex game can be a daunting task yet it’s the only way to bring sex into perspective when you are spending a considerable amount of time texting your partner and talking over the phone.

Let’s look at some of dirty texting games you can play with your boyfriend.

Creating stories and texting at the same time… This is quite a simple game and can be used to measure how enthusiastic your partner is at engaging in a naughty exchange with you. Begin with a sentence and stop it halfway and let your partner complete it. When he responds, say something that will be more or less a continuation of his sentence. Repeat this sequence back and forth to set the stage for a naughty and dirty conversation.

Do you remember… ? This is one of the safest and exciting games you can play when you want to build sexual tension. The object of this texting game is to see if your partner can remember an incident that both of you have shared in the past. Start by asking him an easy question, something like “do you remember the first time we met?”

As you dig deeper, remind him of experiences like the first time you kissed, hugged, up to the point where you had sex for the first time. To make it more exciting, don’t forget to remind each other of how you reacted.

Text sex… The text sex game involves dirty texting and use of dirty words to create sexual tension. This is perhaps the easiest dirty texting game you can play with your man. Start very casually. You can start by asking him a question that goes something like “what are you wearing?” When you base your game along these lines, the final result is that both of you will end up getting aroused.

Make it slow and gradual and watch how he responds. Let the questions drive both of you into a sexual zone with each new dirty text.

These three games will get your partner going and will set the stage for an explosive sexual encounter when he finally gets to see you. Dirty texting can be awkward especially when your partner isn’t ready to start a sexual conversation. However, you can make the whole experience look like a joke and manage to get away with a laugh. In a number of ways, dirty texting will always give you a leeway of taking the pressure when it boils down to having a sexual conversation.

You can choose any of the above dirty games and combine them with dirty texts that will make your man quiver as long as you have sex in your mind. After you have succeeded in arousing him, you will feel good about yourself. Discover your boyfriend’s sexual fantasies and cravings by making dirty texting part and parcel of your relationship.

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Printable Activities And Games Best For A Baptism Party

Nearly everyone will find attending a baptism party to be very special and the addition of great baptism party games and printable activities will add to the occasion.

For most people a baptism is a great time for family and friends to gather and celebrate this meaningful occasion complete with baptism party games and printable activities. Special games for this party may include Duck, Duck Goose; Musical Chairs and Hot Potato. Most people will find that all three of these games can be adapted to fit guests of all ages and will add a great deal to this special celebration.

Additionally printable activities such as baptism word searches, baptism word jumbles and baptism crossword puzzles will add a great deal to the event. Playing games such as Musical Chairs at a baptism party can be a lot of fun for guests of all ages. This game and other similar games will add a lot to the party and make the overall celebration very special. For a baptism party the music for musical chairs can be anything from Jesus Loves Me to Jesus Loves the Little Children. To play musical chairs place enough chairs in a circle for each guest and then once the play begins remove a chair. Explain to the children that when the music stops they are to race for a chair, but be careful not to knock anyone down. The guest without the chair is out and the game continues until there is one chair and one player left. That player is then declared the winner. A few different twists can occur with this game all at the discretion of the host. More often than not, all children will enjoy playing a fast paced game of musical chairs.

Other games and printable activities perfect for a special baptism party will include games such as ring toss, Pin the Tail on the Donkey and Hot Potato. These games along with printable activities such as baptism Connect the Dots, baptism mazes and baptism coloring sheets will add a great deal to the party and celebration. Most people will find that having a variety of baptism party games and printable activities will make it quite unique and most importantly very special. From The Books of the Bible word scrambles to Bible Character word searches and crossword puzzles, having a variety of activities available at a baptism party will be a welcomed addition to the party.

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Team Building Activities for Youth – 5 Engaging Ideas, Games, and Activities

Building a team of young people might look simple as the young tend to flock together, but in actual fact it is quite tricky. Team building activities for youth have to be fun and at the same time we should keep in mind not to veer away from the actual objective, that of team building.

For a typical team building program for youth, be ready to have multiple games and activities to mix things up. Creative ideas come in handy to keep their attention span.

1. The Name Game: In this game everyone will sit in a circle. One person will say his or her name and a personal character starting with the same alphabet as the name. The second person will utter the name and character of the first and add his own to it. In this way it will continue till everyone has participated. A good game to start with, it opens up everyone.

2. Two Truths and a Lie: This game requires each participant to say a two true things and one lie about himself. The others in the group are supposedly to guess the lie. This is another very popular activity of the youth.

3. Bingo: Here everyone has to write three facts about themselves. There will be a leader who will put two of the facts of each member on a Bingo board without any names. This is then photocopied and distributed in the group. Then in ten minutes each member will interview the group and try to correlate the facts with the names. The leader declares the winner.

4. Line Up: In this activity the members are asked to line up according to their age. The best part is it has to be done silently. So knowledge about your fellow team member is a must.

5. Rain: To round up a session the Rain, which is relaxing and sublime is a perfect game. All the members sit in a circle. All are supposedly close to their eyes. First of all everyone rubs their palms together to make it rain lightly. Gradually they snap their fingers for it to rain harder. And finally they clap loudly to bring a downpour. They then gradually go back to a light drizzle.

There are numerous other activities that can be utilized to build and bind youthful teams. The main criterion here is that they have to be entertaining and varied.

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