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Math Games For Kids to Practice Number Skills

By introducing a few fun math games into the classroom or homework schedule, you will change 'I HATE math!' Into 'I LOVE math!'.

Best of all, children do not even know they're doing math when it is this much fun. Just make sure that kids are challenged.

Included below are a few fun math games for kids for use at home or in the classroom. These are games that practice number skills.

Higher or Lower
This is a perfect math game for practicing order of numbers.
You can use numbers that have 2 digits, 3 digits or more.
To begin select the upper and lower number limits, eg between 10 and 100.
One player selects a number and records it on a piece of paper.
The other player / s guesses what they think the number might be. For every guess the first player tells if the chosen number is higher or lower. Keep playing until the number is guessed.

Find It First
Use this fun math game to practice basic times tables (or addition, subtraction or division also).
Simply write the answers to tables you are going to practice, randomly over the board or a piece of paper, eg to practice eight times tables write – 8, 16, 24, 32, 40 etc. To make the game a bit more challenging, you can add a few other numbers.
Two kids stand or sit either side to the numbers and a multiplication table is given, eg 7 multiplied by 8.
Kids compete to be the first to point to the answer.
The first point to the answer, scores a point and the first to have three points is the winner.
This game works well as a whole class game with children representing their team or have a tournament to find who the class champion is with each child having a go.

Largest Number
This is one of my favorites. It is a simple and fun math game that always motivates children.
Each person rolls the dice. Use
3. dice for children to practice 3 digit numbers
4. dice for children to practice 4 digit numbers
5. dice for children to practice 5 digit numbers
-6 dice for children to practice 6 digit numbers
Each person rolls the dice and records the numbers shown, eg 3 4 1 6.
The players then organize the digits to make the largest possible number that they can, eg 6431.
The player with the highest number receives 1 point.

Twenty Questions Number Game
No equipment is needed for this children's math game.
First choose a number within the range to be played, eg 1- 20, 1-100, 100-1000.
The number is recorded on a piece of paper but not shown to the others.
The other players then ask questions to help them to identify the number.
Only yes / no questions can be used.
Encourage children to ask general questions to begin with, eg Is it odd? Is it more than 50? Instead of trying to guess the number, eg Is it 38?

Using games in math offers so much more than just fun. These games also help to develop a deep understanding of number concepts and a confidence attitude towards a sometimes unpopular subject. Do not be surprised when hear, 'Gee that was fun! Can we do it again? '

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Construction Games Online and Offline

There are plenty of fun games online, but some of the best and most popular games involve making things. The phenomenal success of FarmVille over the last year or so, is down to that creative urge. Growing crops and making a farm has a massive appeal. Some games that cater to the 'making' impuls in a very direct way are construction games.

There are many online games to play online for free and there are also games for PC and console.

Some games are pure construction, others have a big element of construction in the game play. Examples of the latter include the Tycoon games which in a sense are business games but where the player needs to build up assets to earn more money and proceed. There are also empire building games like Rise of Nations where cities must be constructed and managed so that income can flow to equip armies.

One of the purest building games is 'Bridge It'. The object is simple. You have limited funds to spend on materials to build a bridge. The challenge is to make a structure that is strong enough to withstand the passage of trucks or trains. The fun is partly the building- with its true-to-life rules of physics- and partly watching the trains as they crash into the abyss or bounce through to a triumphal conclusion!

Railroad Tycoon 2 was one of the most successful games of its era. The aim is to build rockets and get rich. It is getting old now but still provides plenty of fun and game play. It is also worth mentioning Zoo Tycoon. The 3D environment and the exhibits that you need to build in your Zoo make it a satisfying experience.

Tropico 3 has been very successful in the last few years. You are in charge of a tropical island and need to guide it to a bright and prosperous future. This is a fun game if you do not mind playing as a person of dubious morals As a Banana Republic Generalissimo you only have bribery or terror tactics to control your population. Upset the Americans and they will invade- which is almost as bad as the hurricanes that sometimes turn up.

The Age of Empire series involves getting your villagers to work well as your Empire expends. The Rise of Nations installment from that series is one of the best strategy games ever made. Also worth mentioning are 'Settlers' and 'Caesar'.

Sid Meir is a legend in the simulation games world. He was seriously responsible for the Railroad Tycoon series as well as Civilization and Colonization.

This is the best of the many city building games. Sim City 4 offers the chance to construct and manage everything from mega cities to small towns with a satisfying degree of realism.

There are dozens of online games geared to satisfying the impulse to build. One of the nest pure building games is Cargo Bridge. You design a bridge in the blue print mode and then send out your little workers to fetch some supplies. As they cross the bridges you have built there is a satisfying amount of shaking and bouncing as the wood and steel structures react to the loads. A bad design means your workers plummet into the abyss as the bridge collapses!

There are also Lego like brick building games, electrical circuit games, plumbing games and physics based demolition games- for when the creative impulse gives way to the glee of destruction.

Younger children are catered for with games that are similar to dress up games in their format. Instead of make up and clothes to engage the interest, there are building styles to select and color schemes to explore. Daisy's Construction Crew is a good example of this kind of games.

It would be fun to know if any of theses games have sparked an interest in a career in architecture or the construction industry! There is probably a young Leonardo da Vinci out there right now!

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Six Physical Education Games and Activities Your Elementary Students Will Love

The physical education games that are described in this article can be played at the beginning of gym class as part of a warm exercise, during the period wholly or partially devoted to games or physical education activities or at the end of class as part of cool down Exercises. In addition to the obvious benefits of providing good exercise, combating obesity and developing motor skills, the other skills that I wanted my students to demonstrate when they play these games are co-operation, sportsmanship and enjoyment.

Here are 6 examples of physical education games that my students and I enjoyed.

1. Face to Face

Scatter formation (possibly in a large circle) with partners. One odd player stands in the center and alternates between calling "Face to Face" and "Back to Back". The students take the positions accordingly. When he calls "All change" the students must find new partners and the center player tries to get one too. The student left without a partner goes to the center and gives the commands. If there was no "odd student" then I played too.

2. Partner Tag

All of the students but two hook arms in couples. Of the two that are free one is "it" or the chaser and the other is the runner. The runner tries to avoid being tagged by locking arms with either member of any couple he chooses. When he does, the third student of the group becomes the runner and must avoid being tagged. If the runner is tagged the runner and chaser change positions. To make the activity interesting, the couples should run and twist to elude the runner. For a large number of students there can be more than one runner and chaser.

3. Catch the Cane

Have the students form a circle or divide the class in two and make two circles. Each student has a number from 1 to the end. One student is "It" and stands in the middle of the circle holding a cane or yard / meter stick with one end on the floor. This student calls out one of the numbers and lets go of the cane. The student whose number was called, must catch the cane before it falls to the floor. If it fails it becomes "It".

4. Overpass

Divide the class into 2 even teams (or 4 for a large class and run two games simultaniously). Team 1 forms a circle and each member of team 2 stands between two members of team 1. A team 1 member holds a ball (volleyball, soccer ball, football, etc.) and a member of team 2 holds the same type of ball ( Differentiate the balls, color, etc.).

On the word "go", each team member passes their ball to their team member on their right (or left). The team that completes the full circle with their ball gets a point.

The teacher can vary the game by calling out, "circle" (the student with the ball must run around the circle before passing the ball) or "zig-zag" or "bounce the ball", etc. I'm sure you get the idea. It's great fun.

5. Pass and Change

Arrange all the students in the class except one in a circle of about 40 feet in diameter. The student who is "it" stands in the center of the circle with a large (soft) ball.

To start, "it" calls the names of two students in the circle and at the same time throws the ball to a third student. The two students whose names were called, run to exchange places in the circle. The third student, upon catching the ball, throws it back to "it". "It" then throws the ball at one of the two students, trying to hit one before they manage to change places. If "it" succeeds in hiring one, the student who was hit becomes "it". The game starts again with the new student being "it".

6. Fish Net

This game is played with two teams. One team is the NET and the other team is the FISH. To begin, each team stands behind a goal line at opposite ends of the field. The NET team chooses a Captain and joins hands in a line. The FISH team runs free. At a signal, both teams run forward and the NET team tries to make a circle around as many FISH as possible. The FISH may not duck under the arms of the NET, but if the NET drops hands, the FISH may escape.

When the NET team has made its circle, the Captain counts the number of FISH that were caught. The other team now has a turn to be the NET. These are only a few of the elementary physical education activities and games that my kids participate in during their gym periods. You'll find many more by visiting my website. I hope you enjoy teaching these games because your students will love them.

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Concentration Memory Games – Play to Enhance Your Memory & Concentration

The ability to concentrate is a value of all, but some have low concentration levels and some have stupendous concentration power and there are a section people who possess average levels of concentration. A distracted mind can not concentrate and this could lead to inability to learn or complete any given task.

In our day-to-day activities we find it difficult to pay attention; Our mind is pre-employed with other thoughts or your worried / stressed or the given work is simply of not your interest and this fails you to dedicate the required concentration to one particular work. You can try some concentration memory games to improve your focussing and attentions abilities.

Benefits of concentration memory games: Basically the concentration memory game not only improves your concentration but also sharpens or revitalises the overall brain performance; You will achieve sharper memory, pay better attention to given tasks, your mind is able to focus better, organizes your thought process, increases your learning speed and then your overall brain activity shoots up to give a better performance out put.

Different kinds of concentration memory games: The concentration memory games is known by different names; Pelmanism, Pexeso, Shinkei-suijaku or Pairs. The game is played with a pack of cards that are shuffled and arranged face down in rows and in every turn you need to turn over the matching pairs of cards. The games can include one player or more number of players.

These are different scientifically designed online concentration memory games that are easily accessible and fun to play. Especially, the online brain games at various sites have a wide range of concentration memory games such as Lost in Migration, Space junk and the bird watching games are really effective in improving your concentration and memory level. These games have difficulty levels and your progress in achieving greater concentration increases with each level. Not only this, the games cater to all age groups and it is a lot of fun to play them along with making your brain brighter and sharper.

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Explore These Kitty Party Theme Games For Some Real Fun

Kitty party themes are simply excellent as they double the fun of an, otherwise, ordinary ladies kitty party. And the fun gets tripled when you add some great entertainment options to your itinerary which primarily includes playing some fabulous kitty party games!

So if there's an upcoming ladies get-together at your house, here are some very exciting theme-based kitty party games that you can add to your kitty. These games are of very short duration but the level of excitation and thrill in those few minutes is just inexplicable. So here how can play these exciting games!

Theme-based Games For A Memorable Get-together

1. Fruit Themed Game

As the name clearly suggests, this game revolves around fruits. For this game you can take a black cloth and place a round fruit under it, say orange or berries. Now each lady will have to come, touch the fruit without lifting the black cloth, ie they will have to touch the fruit from above the cloth and just feel it without seeing and then write the name of the fruit (they guess) on a white Paper. You can replace one fruit with another for every participant but you have to remember which fruit is given to what. They will have one minute to identify the fruit. The winner will be the lady first routes down the correct name of the fruit she is given.

2. Bollywood Themed Game

Bollywood is, undoably, one of the most popular kitty party themes of all ages. This particular game requires nothing but pen and paper depending on the number of participants. Simply write down the names of some popular actors (at least 10) and give one minute time to all the ladies to write at least one of their famous dialogues. The ladies can write more than one dialogue for each actor but the condition is at least one for each actor. The winner will be the lady who can complete the game in the least possible time.

3. Flower Themed Games

A floral theme makes the venue look extremely beautiful and to give it a finishing touch, you can play this exciting game called "Blank Flower". This is nothing but a fill-up-the-blank game where the words used are names of flowers. For example: _O_E, I_ _S, _R_ _I_, etc. In the example, the first is Rose, second is Iris and the third flower is Orchid. You can make a list of such questions and make copies of the paper to distribute among the ladies. This is a one-minute game and the winner will be the lady who can complete the game in minimum possible time.

4. DIY Themed Games

DIY is a great way to explore the creative genius inside you. So in this game, you, as the host, will be giving a few basic materials like lace, thermocol, pin, glu, quilling paper, scissor and paint to all the ladies and give them 5 minutes time to make whatever creative they can think Of out of those materials. Quite obviously, the winner of the game will be the lady who can make the most beautiful craft within those 5 minutes.


Games add fun and excitement, something that brings life to a party. And when they are based on a particular theme, the whole atmosphere gets completed. Try including these games and let us know how you and friends enjoyed.

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Office Party Games to Break the Ice and Have Great Party

If you're worried about having another uptight party with your colleagues from the office, party games can break the ice. Here are a few fun and interesting ideas for office party games that will really liven up your next work function; They are especially good at larger functions where not everyone will know each other.

"Snowman" Office Party Game

Once the guests have arrived, the rules of this game are explained. One person is discreetly selected as the 'snowman'; At some point during the party, they have to freeze completely in the middle of whatever they're doing at the time. As other people notice, they have to freeze also. The last person to notice what's going on and freeze like everyone else loses, and becomes the next 'snowman'. This office party game is sure to raise plenty of laughs, especially if people are halfway through a sentence when they have to freeze!

"Lie Detector" Office Party Game

This office party game is great for colleagues who do not know each other very well, or who they think not! Guests assemble in a circle or around a table, and someone is nominated as the score-keeper. Players go around the circle, taking turns to tell one true statement and 2 lies about themselves. After each player's turn, the other players must vote on which of the statements was truthful. The true statement is then disclosed, with the player awarded one point for every incorrect guess. When all players have had a turn, the person with the highest score is awarded the title of best liar in the office !!

Office party games can be a great way for colleges to unwind, get to know each other better and have a great time together. Using these ideas as a starting point, there are plenty of other games you could include to make the occasion enjoyable.

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Board Games That Require Verbal Skills

There are a number of board games available to the public that focus much attention on both words and vocabulary. Playing one of these games is easier for someone with a large vocabulary, yes, but should be recommended to anyone, for they have been shown to help improve verbal skills for people of all ages and educations. Some of the games available focus specifically on the verbal, speaking side of a good vocabulary. The better one can speak and enunciate their language, the better they will perform. Other games focus more on the words and the knowledge of a vocabulary, testing and helping players with this area of words.

Taboo and Mad Gab are two games that focus more on the speaking side of a good vocabulary. Taboo functions under making teammates guess a specific word without using a list of certain banned words. These certain words are considered “taboo.” If a player can think of enough specific words or terms to use in order to lead teammates to the conclusion of the highlighted word in question, points are earned. Knowing a large number of alternate words which can communicate similar ideas is a great help to any players participating in the round. Taboo requires a lot of quick thinking in order to accomplish its goals. Mad Gab, on the other hand, focuses its energy on enunciation skills. Players are given a phrase that, in actuality, is written out phoenetically. Figuring out exactly what the phrase reads, however, can be quite tricky and the player who knows how to use enunciation skills the best will do well in this game.

Other games, however, are more concerned with the words actually required for a good vocabulary. The more of these words which are known, the better a player can do. Speed Scrabble, for example, is an exciting variation on the classic game of Scrabble that allows players to think and act quickly while still giving the chance for creativity that players of the classic game have come to love. The concept behind the game is simple and its execution is quick. Players are never forced to wait for another to finish their turn and never have to deal adjusting their strategy because someone stole the spot they had in mind for their next turn.

The game begins with a basic Scrabble set. The board for the game is placed to the side and ignored. All 100 of the letter tiles are placed, face down, in the center of the table and shuffled around. Each player then randomly chooses 7 tiles and places them in front of themselves, still face down. A player is then designated as the first “Go-sayer” and when every player is ready, this person will shout, “Go!” All players then flip their 7 tiles and proceed to use all of the tiles to make words in the form of a basic crossword. All the tiles must be used and all of the words must intersect each other, much as one would find on a classic Scrabble game with the exception that the player builds only on their own words. Players are challenged with this game to think creatively, outside the box, building on their own vocabularies to benefit more than other players. All of these games, however, help to encourage verbal skills in any player interested in learning.

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5 Challenging Secret Santa Games

This Christmas the ritual of opening presents will occur just as it does every year. However it can be a bit boring after doing for several years. You probably need to look for a way to spice it up and make it more interesting. One way to do it is with games like Secret Santa. This is a way to upset everyone’s expectations and provide some pleasant surprises and entertainment. Here are some great suggestions to help you get started.

The original version of Secret Santa is very straight forward. The idea is to assign each person in your family with a person to give a gift and a budget. The budget is to make sure that the gifts are nice but reasonably priced. It is normally up to the “secret Santa” to decide what gift to get. However it is a good idea for the person to take into account the person that they are buying for so that the gift that will be well received. On Christmas day every one opens their gifts. The fun will be in guessing who bought the gift as well as the surprise of seeing what it is.

Another game that can be played is Dirty Dice. In Dirty Dice everyone buys a random assortment of gifts. Like in Secret Santa it is a good idea to set a budget but everyone should try to buy something nice to make the game more appealing. The game is essentially a gift grab. He who gets the most presents wins. To start with every one rolls the dice. If a person gets doubles they get to choose a present. After the dice has gone around once the second phase of play begins. A fifteen minute timer is set and the dice is passed around again. If a person gets doubles the can pick a gift from the pile or steal a neighbors. If a person gets double sixes they can steal any gift without getting it stolen. For younger players make sure that everyone gets at least one gift at the end of play.

You can also play Naughty or Nice. It is the gift version of Hot Potato. In the game gifts are randomly purchased. However there are some gag gifts mixed in. The main gift to avoid is a lump of coal. As everyone knows, this is what Santa gives naughty children if they misbehave. So the person who receives it is the loser. The fun is that it can be anyone. The other gag gifts are basically for laughs. You can also deliberately split gifts to make play more interesting. In this case players will then have to barter and trade to complete their gifts.

You can also have a holiday trivia game. Have everyone one answer a set of questions on various facts about Christmas. The person who answers the most questions gets first dibs at choosing presents. To make sure that everyone gets something ranked by who gets to pick next by who placed next after the winner and so on.

Another great thing you can do is have your kids receive a call from Santa Claus. Since it will be someone else on the phone they will have no choice but to believe it’s him and will a magical and memorable experience.

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Having Special Brunch Party Games And Printable Activities At Your Next Party

The process of preparing for a special Brunch with family and friends will include preparing the food, gathering decorations and having a variety of Brunch Party Games and Printable Activities games and planned for the guests. More often than not, a Brunch is a very special party and the addition of Brunch party games and printable activities will add to the occasion. Most people will find that games and printable activities for a Brunch should be designed around the interests of the guests invited to the party; therefore making the Brunch a gathering of friends that is very special indeed.

For the most part a Brunch is the perfect time for having a variety of interactive games and printable activities for everyone to play. Most hosts will find that playing great interactive games such as Charades and Two Truths and a Lie will bring a great deal of laughter to the room. Both of these Brunch party games are designed to have your guests working together and having fun while enjoying the party. Games such as Charades and Two Truths are considered great games for a Brunch and will add to the party like atmosphere. Furthermore, since a brunch is a very special type of party, most hosts will want to prepare a variety of sit down games and printable activities to keep their friends entertained. These games are ideal additions to any party and will have the guests thoroughly involved in the activities.

A great printable activity for a Brunch is the game, I Have You Have. This game can be made quite easily and is very easy to play. The hostess prepares a variety of cards that go together using different associations. For instance, I have a glass, may be on one card and then another card may say, I have wine, therefore making a combination. However, the trick to this game is to have specific answers in mind for each card so the game plays all the way through with the guests’ pop corning their answers off each other to complete the I Have You Have game. Nearly everyone will enjoy having interactive Brunch party games such as charades and I Have You Have, but they will also find that having an assortment of printable activities will add to the event. Printable activities such as Brunch word search, Brunch mazes and Brunch crossword puzzles will add to the Brunch and have the guests involved for quite some time. These Brunch party games along with other similar games and printable activities are perfect to play while enjoying the company of friends and family.

More often than not, a Brunch is held for a special occasion and the printable activities should be designed around the specific event therefore adding to the party’s theme. For instance, having Brunch party word searches that center around a Baby shower or Bachelorette party will be great additions to the printable games and activities.

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Playing Mind Games With a Woman the Right Way

Both men and women play Mind Games. To some it's just that, A Game. Others have made an art of it. Women play mind games to keep men guessing and also to make them jealous. Men play them when they are not really serious about a woman and also when they are insecure. They simply want to have some fun and are generally not bothered about other person's feelings.

Mind Games actually cause a lot of friction and serious problems between men and woman. There are women who like leading men on making them think they are interested in a certain guy and when the guy begins to get serious, the woman loses all interest. What happens then is she starts to ignore him or act like she does not know what he is talking about kind. It's mostly the youngger, attractive woman who plays this type of game. Knowing she can get any man she likes, makes her want to experiment and see how many she can catch; Just like an angler who once having eaten the fish, throws it back, because for him it was the chase that mattered.

When it comes to Men, mind games I think is played by the insecure and immature man who does not have a lot of self confidence in himself. They want the woman to think of them as being superior beings expecting to wait on them or ignoring the woman when they are among a group of friends to show their friends how macho they are. Although the man does the ignoring, he expects respect from the woman and does not like it when she cares him the same way, and then the fights and arguments begin.

While a man expects the woman to reveal her previous relationships, you ask him about his relationships and you will never get a straight answer. That's how it is with most men; They tend to beat around the bush on many issues and then play mind games with their partners, simply because they do not want to be tied down. They however expect the woman to be there to cater to their every whim and fancy and do not see any wrong in this due to their inflated egos.

If a woman starts playing mind games the only thing a man can do is either ignore her completely or take revenge by giving back as good. A woman most of the time play mind games when she wants attention from her man and finds it missing. The man could always tell her to cut it out or get out. Be firm and make sure she understands that you will not tolerate any nonsense from her. If you dilly dally and show a lack of confidence, she will definitely take advantage of you and go on to do worse things to "teach you a lesson". It is a vicious cycle and should be stopped as soon as possible if you are really serious about the woman concerned.

The most common of all mind games played by women is trying to make the man jealous by showing interest in another man. Do not react in the way she expects you to. Do not throw a tantrum and shout at her. She might compare you to another man and say how successful he is or how smart he is hoping to hurt you. At times like this, do not show your true feelings. The best way to act would be to show how bored you are with her silly games. You can always tell her that she's free to go to the successful man if he would have her. Show that you do not care one way or the other. No woman wants to be told she's free to go and if she has been only playing games, she will soon put a stop to it when she sees that it does not bother you. It may even scare her into changing her tactics and both of you can start living normally and with luck, peacefully.

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